Wendt NGS X2 Audio Mixer
Operating Instructions

Left Side Panel
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1. Mic Inputs, Channel 1 & 2 The XLR mic inputs are electronically balanced where pin 1 is shielded ground, pin 2 is input high, and pin 3 is input low. Either pin 2 or 3 may be tied to ground.

2. Mic Powering The mic powering switch labeled 48 DYN 12T allows three modes of mic powering. 48V phantom (44V-52V), 12V T power (pin 2 is positive voltage) for use with T or AB mics and the dynamic (DYN) position which is non powered for dynamic mics.

3. Preamplifier Gain The switch labeled 10 20 0 controls the preamplifier gain where 0 is maximum gain, 10 reduces the gain by 10db, and 20 reduces the gain by 20db. The 10 and 20 positions are typically used for powered mics.

4. Phone Jack The jack marked PHONES is HP stereo output (6.5mm, ).

5. HP Volume The knob marked HP VOL controls the phone volume to both phone jacks.

6. VU LED The three position switch marked VU LED controls the brightness of the VU display. HI (maximum brightness), LO (minimum brightness), and OFF (VU display off). The display remains active in the OFF position during battery test.

7. Limiter The stereo limiting function is controlled by the switch marked LIMITER (OUT IN) where the limiting function is enabled in the IN position.

8. Battery Compartment Six AA batteries are required for the mixer powering and must be inserted per the diagram shown on the bottom cover.


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