Wendt NGS X4 Audio Mixer
Operating Instructions

Left Side Panel
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1. Mic Inputs, Channel 1 4 The XLR mic inputs are electronically balanced where pin 1 is shielded ground, pin 2 is input high, and pin 3 is input low. Either pin 2 or 3 may be tied to ground.

2. Phone Jack The jack marked PHONES is HP stereo output (6.5mm, ).

3. Power Switch The three position POWER switch marked INT OFF EXT allows the mixer to be powered from the internal (batteries) or an external power source. The center switch position is OFF (no power source is connected).

4. Battery Test The push button switch marked BATT allows a battery voltage test which is indicated on the right VU meter. A set of new batteries will indicate up to and including the 0db position on the display.

5. Accessory Connector A quick-release Hirose 12 pin connector provides accessibility to the mixer balanced line outputs, balanced tape returns and external power. The mating connector is Hirose part number HR10A-10P-12P.


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