Front Panel

Channel Faders — channels 1-4 correspond to the mic inputs (1-4)
Master Fader — headphone stereo output (3.5mm)
Meters — right and left VU (PPM optional)
Meter Illumination — monitary push button, on for approximately 12 seconds
Low Cut Filters — three position switch, 140HZ, 20HZ and 100HZ at 12dB per octave
Reference Tone — 0dBVU 400HZ low distortion sine wave
Slate Mic — low noise slate mic to right and left outputs
Power Monitor — red LED flashes on and off for normal power (voltage) and continuously on for low power
L STEREO R Switch — headphone monitoring left, right and stereo


Left Side Panel

Mic Inputs, Channel 1-4 — XLR electronically balanced
Phone Jack — right and left stereo (1/4 in.)
Battery Test Switch — battery voltage is indicated on the right VU meter
Power Switch — allows mixer powering INT (battery), EXT (external power) and OFF
Accessory Connector — balanced line outputs, monitor returns and external power

Right Side Panel


Slate Volume — screwdriver volume adjustment
Line/Mic Outputs — right and left line outputs, and switchable from line to mic levels
Mic Out — the 3.5mm jack provides unbalanced stereo mic level outputs
External Power — mixer powering from an external DC power source of 9-18VDC (2.1mm jack, center pin neg.)
HP Volume — headphone volume control
Limiter — limiter in/out switchable
Battery Compartment — eight AA batteries
Pan Switches — channel 1-4 pan switches (right, center and left)
Monitor Return — switches monitor, mixer or external return

Bottom Panel

Mike Powering — 48V phantom, dynamic and 12V T, channels 1-4
Preamplifier Gain — switchable attentuation 10dB, 20dB and 0dB, channels 1-4
Tape Return Volume — right and left trim pots adjustments
Input Mode — mic/line channel 1-4 attenuator (line, -50dB)
Phone Switch — mono, stereo, mid-side switches headphone functions
Mixer Mode — allows channels 1&2 to be ganged for full stereo operation using channel 1 fader. Channel 2 fader becomes a balance control.




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