Wendt X5 Audio Mixer
Operating Instructions

Front Panel
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1. Channel Faders – The faders marked CH 1 thru CH 5 correspond to the mic XLR inputs also marked CH 1 thru CH 5. These channel faders control the post preamp gain.

2. PFL Switches – The momentary push button switches allow pre fade listening of all 5 channels (monitor function only). The pre fade level is factory pre set for approximately one o’clock of the fader positions. A level adjustment is available on the right side panel.

3. Battery Test – The push button switch marked BATT TEST when enabled indicates the battery voltage on the right meter. A set of new batteries will indicate up to and including the 0db position on the right meter.

4. Meter Illumination – The meter illumination remains on continuously when the mixer is powered on.

5. Low Cut Filters – The switches marked 140 20 100 insert a 12db per octave hi pass filter in each channel as follows: the 20 position is a flat response to 20HZ, and the 100 and 140 positions roll off at 100HZ and 140HZ.

6. Reference Tone – The TONE button when pushed IN (push on/push off switch) enables a 400HZ reference tone oscillator which provides a 0db (0dbVU on VU Scale and 0dbu on the PPM scale) reference tone to the right and left line outputs. The push button OUT position disables the tone.

7. Slate Mic – The push button switch marked MIC when pushed in, enables the slate function which is outputted to the left and right mix buses.

8. Power Monitor – The LED marked PWR slowly flashes on and off under normal power voltage conditions and turns to a continuous ON when external power or battery voltages are dangerously low.

9. HP Monitor Control – The switch marked L STEREO R allows the operator to switch the headphones to left both ears, stereo (center position), or right both ears.

10. Meters – The two meters, right and left, are calibrated in VU db on the VU meter or in the case of PPM meter, dbu.

11. Power Switch – The three position POWER switch marked INT and EXT allows the mixer to be powered from the internal (batteries) or an external power source. The center position is off (no power source is connected).

12. Return Switch – The switch marked RTN A, MIX, and RTN B allows returns from any remote location to be switched from the front panel. The MIX position (center) monitors the mixer right and left output buses. The A and B returns are both stereo returns via the mini jacks (3.5mm) located on the right panel. The B return also returns stereo via the 12 pin HRS connector located on the left panel. This B return is algebraically summed with the B return from the 3.5mm mini jack.

13. Pan Switches – Channels 1-5 pan switches marked L, PAN, R. These switches allow channel assignment right, left and center.

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